USAePay is a Tier 1 PCI Compliant payment gateway with solutions for e-commerce, mobile transactions, MOTO and more.

USAePay works with many popular third-party shopping carts so that merchant can accept credit cards safely and recurely through their website. If you need more of a custom payment solution, USAePay has several integration options and developer APIs.

USAePay Merchant Console Virtual Terminal

USAePay has a built-in virtual terminal so you can process new sales transactions, credits, refunds and so on. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Since all data communications are encrypted with SSL, you can have peace of mind. In addition to processing online transactions, you can also view reports and graphs and export data.

USAePay Integration, Developer Tools and APIs

USAePay supports a number of integration methods and APIs which can be called from a variety programming languages including PHP, .NET (C# and VB.NET), Java and more.

  • Hosted Forms - for basic integrations, a USAePay ePayment form allows a merchant to send the customer to USAePay for the collection of secure payment information.
  • Transaction API - The transaction API provides client-side and server-side methods for connecting to the gatweay to process payments.
  • Advanced SOAP Interface - the SOAP interface can be used to process transactions, pull reports, control batches, store customer data and more.

USAePay Shopping Cart Support

Many leading e-commerce shopping carts support the USAePay payment gateway. The list below includes some popular shopping carts, but it is by no means comprehensive. Please contact us if you require gateway support for a shopping cart or software suite that is not on the list below.