NMI stands for Network Merchants, Inc. and is used by tens of thousands of merchants. Although NMI does not have the name recognition of a gateway like Authorize.net, many businesses who have tried both prefer NMI due to its extensive feature list and powerful reporting features.

NMI is a PCI compliant payment gateway with excellent security and fraud detection features. NMI integrates with many popular shopping carts and software suites such as Volusion, 3dcart, Bookeo, InfusionSoft, Limelight CRM, Magento, WHCMS, osCommerce and many more. In addition, there are number of Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla payment processing plugins that work with NMI. For many businesses, an NMI gateway combined with an interchange plus merchant account make for an unbeatable combination.

NMI Virtual Terminal

As is true with most gateways, NMI has a built-in virtual terminal so you can process new sales transactions, credits, refunds and so on. Also, if you have already processed a transaction for a customer, NMI makes it very easy to process a new transaction without having to go back to the customer to get their credit or debit card information.

NMI Customer Vault

Does your business need to securely store credit card and other payment information? If so, NMI's PCI compliant customer vault might be the answer for you. The customer vault allows you to store sensitive payment information like:

  • Credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates, billing addresses
  • Bank account and routing numbers (for ACH / e-check payments)
  • Multiple shipping addresses

Payment information stored in the customer vault can be used to run new transactions through the virtual terminal. In addition, the NMI Quickbooks plug-in and custom API applications can also process transactions using payment data stored in the customer vault.

NMI Mobile Processing

NMI supports keyed and swiped transactions on Apple and Android devices. Key features include:

  • Printed and emailed receipts
  • Digital signatures
  • Tip processing
  • Full and partial refunds from the mobile device
  • Full encryption for swiped transactions
  • Works over cellular and wi-fi networks

NMI Quickbooks Plug-In (SyncPay)

The NMI SyncPay Quickbooks plug-in allows merchants to apply payments to invoices and create new sales receipts. Payments can be keyed or swiped. Also, the Quickbooks plug-in integrates seamlessly with the NMI customer vault.

NMI APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

NMI has various APIs which enable custom payment integrations. The Direct Post and Three Step Redirect APIs can be used from a number of programming languages including PHP, C#, Java, VB.NET and more. The APIs can be used to process payments, credits, refunds and more. The NMI customer vault API can also be used to build tokenized payment solutions. Our team has a lot of experience using the NMI APIs (as well as those from other gateways such as Authorize.net). If you have a need for a custom payment solution, we would be happy evaluate options with you. Just let us know how we can help.

NMI Shopping Carts

NMI supports many shopping carts directly and through Authorize.net emulation. If your shopping cart or software suite is not in the list below, please contact us so that we can discuss options.